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Buy and monthly subscribe the latest issue, special editions, and back issues of our Lifestyle magazines including Prestige, 品 PIN Prestige , and Augustman. Our magazine shop is owned and operated by BurdaLuxury which is part of Hubert Burda media Group.

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Burda International operates in 18 markets and at present publishes more than 300 magazines and a large number of online media products. Burda International is a leader in Central and Eastern Europe with numerous titles from the most diverse segments, and in Asia has developed a comprehensive portfolio focusing on the luxury segment. Burda is rapidly expanding its activities in both regions. More than 2,400 men and women work for Burda International.

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Our office location in Hong Kong is BURDA SINGPORE Pte Ltd

Our Address is 15 Scotts Road, #04-10, 15 Scotts, Singapore 228218

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